Sustainability in practice

Sustainability is a journey. Let us be your co-pilot.

If your goal is to become more sustainable, which options exist and which make the most difference?
Oikonaut helps you to put Sustainability into practice.

We assist organisations and individuals in identifying the best options for their case and implementing them. Our goal is to help you make a successful, long-lasting change.



- Presentation in upcoming Kampagnenforum workshop on "Fundraising for NGOs/NPOs - advanced course" (in German).

- SUSTINOVA workshop for NGOs on "The challenges of increasing internal efficiency" and "Developing entrepreneurial approaches to projects". Read more here.

- Report on philanthropy and project selection in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, published by SUSTINOVA. Read more and download a free copy here.

We want to know you well. Really.

We like to take each individual case into account when crafting solutions. This enables us to ensure a good fit, identify hidden opportunities and minimise risk of failure.

In addition, we focus on solutions that are light and – when relevant - can be streamlined across an organisation. This helps to lower effort and costs. It also makes it easier to evaluate and adapt over time as experience grows.

Strategy + Tools for Sustainability

Our areas of focus:

  • Strategy and planning: evaluating choices, defining goals and main activities to follow. We look for a coherent result, with indicators that enable continuous learning and improvement.
  • Analysis of work processes: we look for the obstacles to remove and the opportunities to nurture. All so you can improve internally and in your connection to external stakeholders or service providers.
  • Development of tools: supporting your internal work processes or the reporting and communication to external parties.
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Oikonaut is a consultancy firm based in Zurich but available throughout Switzerland. No valley is too remote for us!

Paulo Morais

Founder and Managing Director

Msc Env. Sci ETHZ, Lic. Marine Biology and Fisheries Univ. of Algarve
Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and conversational German.

Paulo has a long-standing interest on Sustainability. During the past 10 years, he has explored how it can be integrated into different areas, both professional and personal.

He is one of the founding members of SUSTINOVA, a NPO devoted to supporting the development of sustainability projects and organisations.

Prior to that, he worked at RobecoSAM AG, a sustainable asset management firm based in Zurich. He was directly involved on the implementation of methodology and running of the yearly DJSI global corporate sustainability survey. In addition, he worked as sector analyst and was responsible for the incorporation of reputational risk data, provided by RepRisk, into SAM's assessment process.

In addition, he collaborated with CareGroup, a Zurich-based firm specialised in the analysis of sustainability investment funds.

Previously, he conducted research in the field of marine resources management. Be it as a research scholar or as project manager, he was involved in several projects in Portugal and Panama, linking ecological data with socio-economic aspects of fisheries.

The application of know-how in the corporate and academic areas has covered the following topics:

  • Methodologies for systematic evaluation of sustainability in well-defined contexts (e.g. natural resource management, business environment).
  • Project management and development of business processes, with an emphasis on the articulation between user-side and IT-side.
  • Development and application of business tools for data handling, product development and reporting (e.g. Excel or web-based).
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Email: paulo.morais@oikonaut.ch
Tel: +41 (0) 78 639 7423
Correspondence: Gschwaderweg 9 - 8610 Uster

We look forward to hearing from you.

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